Responsive Age Verification Plugin for WordPress

Free Mobile-Friendly, SEO-Safe, Age Verification Gate for WordPress & WooCommerce

100% Free & Open-Source

This plugin is 100% free, and GPL-Licensed. You can even download the source code from!

The free edition will protect your entire comment section for free, without restrictions.


All of the text and buttons can be changed. This plugin is great for distilleries, dispensaries, or anywhere a notice needs to be accepted.


The entire plugin has been designed to be completely SEO-Safe and to not incur penalties, which is a risk with other plugins.


Responsive Age Verification works with mobile devies, tablets, and desktops. There’s no risk of bounces due to unusable interstitials.

How can I install it?

You can download the source code from, or you can go to your plugins and search for "WordPress Responsive Age Verification" in the WordPress plugins directory.


Here’s a default example of what the age verification popup looks like on a desktop browser