Anti-Spam Zapper

Anti-Spam Plugin for WordPress-Powered Websites

Free Features

These features are 100% free, and GPL-Licensed. You can even download the source code from!

The free edition will protect your entire comment section for free, without restrictions.

Block Spam-Bots

Protect your comment section using a combination of keyword blacklisting and human-detection features.


Using advanced human-detection methods, you can stop spam without a time-consuming and conversion-killing CAPTCHA.

Nothing to Lose

You have nothing to lose when using this plugin – literally! Comments are simply marked as spam, and can be easily recovered if we get it wrong.

Want to protect everything?

Upgrade to Anti-Spam Zapper PRO today, to protect your contact forms. In addition, get the most up-to-date spam phrase blacklist and highly advanced detection for the most popular spam-tools. Purchase Anti-Spam Zapper PRO

Pro Features

Increase your conversions - Priceless
What do CAPTCHAs, ReCAPTCHA, and Verification Questions all have in common? They’re annoying – so much so that they can cause you to lose leads and conversions. In addition, they’re easily broken by the more advanced spam-tools. Losing even a single conversion could be an enormous loss to an agency or consulting firm. Anti-Spam Zapper is completely invisible, unintrusive – and we mean that.
Protect all of your contact forms
Don’t just protect your comments – Anti-Spam Zapper PRO is able to protect all of your contact forms using Contact Forms 7, Gravity Forms, and Ninja Forms. There’s nothing to setup, simply install the plugin, sit back and watch the spam come to a stop.
Completely silent action
Your users don’t need to do anything – there’s nothing to fill out, nothing to click; nothing to annoy them. Our plugin works by blocking spam-bot software, with an extra layer of standard spam-blacklisting to catch anything that slips through.
Reduced False-Positives
Normal spam-blocking plugins work by blocking IP addresses or by requiring the user to fill out a CAPTCHA – this is a recipe for disaster. With standard plugins, clients using VPNs or Proxies are likely be blocked (very common with Chinese companies). Disabled users may not even be able to solve puzzles. Anti-Spam Zapper PRO only blocks known spam-bots and keywords, eliminating the majority of false-positives.

Alright, but what’s the cost?

You can protect all of your comment sections and contact forms using Anti-Spam Zapper PRO right now, on unlimited websites, for just $39.99 $29.99 (Sale: 15% off!). Agencies are permitted to use this plugin on all client-websites (I did say unlimited!)

All purchases come with access to all updates for 1-year.

Are you a non-profit or related blogger? You may be able to get free or reduced pricing! Send us a message