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DesignSmoke will design & develop a website, ecommerce store, or improve SEO for you.

Web Design & Development


 DesignSmoke can do WordPress design/development, HTML5/CSS3 development, PHP development, Website Security Repairs or create Search Engine Optimization strategies, specifically tailored for your websites. With over 5 years of web & software development, we will provide you with the best quality code and design.


We know what we’re doing – we have multiple plugins in the official WordPress repository which are compliant with the WordPress plugin standards.

WordPress Development

DesignSmoke doesn’t just customize templates; we can build-out a full website with a custom layout if needed. All of our developers can write custom code and stylesheets, and have released multiple plugins on the official WordPress plugin repository. DesignSmoke makes an effort to follow the official WordPress Coding Standards.

PHP Development

At DesignSmoke we can help you with any PHP development, including frameworks such as WordPress or Laravel. We take pride in writing clean, easily readable and easy-to-modify code which aligns with all coding standards for the platform.

Security/Malware Repairs

Has your website been hacked, infected, blacklisted, or attacked by spammers? Our experts are able to remove the malware/backdoors, fix any security holes and restore your website to a clean state. We are experienced with PHP & Linux and will do whatever it takes to repair your website and fix your rankings.

Search Engine Optimization

DesignSmoke can help to create SEO strategies for companies or individuals of any size. We can enhance your on-page SEO, help you find target keywords, optimize your ad-campaigns using 100% clean methods. Additionally, we can help you to remove any Google Webmaster penalties of all types.

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 We can create custom solutions for just about anything you need. Send us a message and we’ll tell you if it’s within our skillset.

If you need any custom solutions – just ask. Our experts can handle just about anything, including app development.