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DesignSmoke will design & develop a website, ecommerce store, or improve SEO for you.

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DesignSmoke can do WordPress design/development, HTML5/CSS3 development, PHP development, Website Security Repairs or create Search Engine Optimization strategies, specifically tailored for your websites. With over 5 years of web & software development, we will provide you with the best quality code and design.

What is a Web Developer?

A Web developer is a programmer who creates programs and applications for the World Wide Web. A Web developer knows how to build a Web site from the bottom up: You can create custom code to meet your individual needs, develop all site layout, features, and features on the web page.
What does a web developer do?

Web development can be divided into three parts:

The client-side script, the code that runs on a web browser, determines what clients or clients see when they land on the Web site.
Server-side script, which is the code that runs on a Web server and is the behind-the-scenes mechanism of how a Web site works.

A Web developer is usually responsible for creating a Web site from scratch, with skills in one or more of these domains.

In fact, large web projects often share these tasks among several web developers: a developer can focus on creating a back of a website, while another focuses on the client side for style and functionality on the site itself to add.

The advantage of building a website from the base is that you create something original that suits your specific needs.

Client-side languages

The client-side script refers to the creation of web applications that run on a user’s computer browser, such as user data storage in cookies, simple flash games, or other forms of interactive web application. This includes the use of languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, or JavaScript to build the layout, look and feel of a Web site.

Server-side languages

The server-side script is a technique used by Web developers to create the backend of a Web site.

Why is it so critical to your new website? The memory of a web browser is limited by the end-user computer (that is, the person using the Web site) so that Web sites must host the files and images that make the Web site work in a database on a Web Server.

The server-side script involves creating the infrastructure that allows the database on the Web server to communicate with the end user’s web browser on the computer. To make it work, the developer integrates the scripts into your web site, so that when someone with your site performs a specific action, the server can view the images or information. Server-side code is also inherently safer because the person using the website does not have direct access to source code, proprietary databases, or data that goes beyond what you see specifically.

WordPress Development

DesignSmoke doesn’t just customize templates; we can build-out a full website with a custom layout if needed. All of our developers can write custom code and stylesheets, and have released multiple plugins on the official WordPress plugin repository. DesignSmoke makes an effort to follow the official WordPress Coding Standards.

PHP Development

At DesignSmoke we can help you with any PHP development, including frameworks such as WordPress or Laravel. We take pride in writing clean, easily readable and easy-to-modify code which aligns with all coding standards for the platform.

Security/Malware Repairs

Has your website been hacked, infected, blacklisted, or attacked by spammers? Our experts are able to remove the malware/backdoors, fix any security holes and restore your website to a clean state. We are experienced with PHP & Linux and will do whatever it takes to repair your website and fix your rankings.

Search Engine Optimization

DesignSmoke can help to create SEO strategies for companies or individuals of any size. We can enhance your on-page SEO, help you find target keywords, optimize your ad-campaigns using 100% clean methods. Additionally, we can help you to remove any Google Webmaster penalties of all types.

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